City lawyers’ ground-breaking Practical Guide to Drone Law set to hit the shelves

A book written by lawyers from one of the first law firms in the UK to establish a specialism in drones and autonomous technologies is set to hit the shelves in the coming weeks.

A Practical Guide to Drone Law by Rufus Ballaster, Andrew Firman and Eleanor Clot of Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, will be published this month by Law Brief Publishing.

The book, which is pitched at a professional-level readership is intended to help drone users and their professional advisers navigate the rapidly-developing laws and regulations governing their use.

With an explosion of interest in the technology from private and commercial users alike, the proliferation of drones in the coming years is set to generate some novel disputes concerning privacy, overflight rights, safety, insurance, finance and nuisance, amongst other things.

Rufus Ballaster, a Partner of the firm, said: “Drones and autonomous technologies are likely to be amongst the defining technological developments of the next decade and so are ripe for a range of disputes not envisaged by the creators of existing legislation.

“This means that legal professionals will need to be prepared for a variety of challenging cases as the law is tested and boundaries are pushed.

“That is why we were keen to write this book at an early stage in the proliferation of drones and autonomous technologies.”

Co-author, Andrew Firman, also a Partner of the firm, added: “We’ve written this book to help hobbyists and commercial drone users alike to their way around the novel disputes that the proliferation of drones and autonomous technologies is likely to create.

“I hope readers will find the book useful as a first port of call for understanding regulation and the likely legal framework relevant to drone use”

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