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Homebuying clients need to be “fraud-aware”, says regulator

11 April 2018

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has warned home-buyers to be ‘fraud-aware’, following new research into property crime.

Home Office encouraging asylum seekers to go home

5 April 2018

It has been revealed that the Home Office is using nudge tactics to encourage asylum seekers to return to their …

Millionaire ‘Eurocrat’ at loggerheads with wife over divorce Court location

3 April 2018

A Millionaire ‘Eurocrat’ who claims that he and his wife have never considered the UK their “permanent home” is fighting …

GPs in England to get pay rise

26 March 2018

The British Medical Association (BMA) has announced that GPs in England will receive a one per cent pay rise, along …

Funding for pharmacists to work in care homes

19 March 2018

NHS England has announced that funding will be made available to recruit pharmacists to work in care homes to try …

No confidence vote rocks GMC

12 March 2018

The General Medical Council (GMC) has been hit with a vote of no confidence from Local Medical Committee (LMC) representatives, …

Cryptocurrencies may be used to hide assets in divorce

7 March 2018

Three cases currently going through the courts are thought to be the first instance where cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, may …

First-time buyers make record comeback following fall in buy to let sector

14 February 2018

The number of first-time buyers has reached the highest level the country has seen in 11 years.

Majority of GPs voice their support for a limit on consultations

12 February 2018

Eight in ten GPs polled by a leading news site have suggested they would favour a cap on the number …

Government proposes major overhaul of modern employment practices

7 February 2018

The Government has proposed a series of measures which could significantly shake up the gig economy.