Residency and Citizenship Applications

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The UK’s immigration rules are notoriously complicated, so it is important to seek guidance on how the rules relate to your situation.

At Carter Lemon Camerons, our team can advise on which category your application is likely to be placed in, the most appropriate route and how to ensure you have the best chance of making a successful application.

At present there is increased uncertainty for many people as a result of the vote for Britain to withdraw from the EU.

The team are ready to assist EU nationals living in the UK with permanent residence and British citizenship applications which, if successful, can safeguard their future in the UK.

If an EU citizen has been living and working in the UK for at least five years, they can apply for a ‘permanent right to reside’ as an EEA (European Economic Area) citizen. After holding a residency card for a year, an EEA citizen with a permanent right to residence can apply for British Citizenship through naturalisation.

Since the majority of EU countries permit their nationals to have dual citizenship, EU nationals would not normally be required to renounce their nationality in order to acquire UK citizenship.

Typical work:

  • Initial visa applications
  • Residency applications
  • Applications for British citizenship
  • Visitor visa applications
  • Further leave to remain applications
  • Indefinite leave to remain applications
  • UK passport applications

For further information and a free initial meeting, please contact our immigration and nationality team.