Companies House to resume compulsory strike off process this month

Companies House will resume the compulsory strike-off process this month after temporary easement measures taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted.

The changes, which came into effect from 10 October, mean that the regulator will be able to remove a company from the official business registry should there be “reasonable cause to believe it is no longer in operation”.

This could happen if a company were to stop filing company documents, such as their annual accounts or confirmation statement (annual return), if company letters are unable to be delivered to the provided address, or if the company has no directors.

If no action has been taken to halt the strike-off process, a notice is published in the Gazette to inform the public that the registrar intends to strike off the company.

Commenting on the announcement, Stuart Morgan, Intelligence and Enforcement Service Owner at Companies House, said: “Companies House is committed to supporting businesses who may be struggling during these unprecedented times, and we have introduced a number of legislative and non-legislative easements since April to provide support.

“However, it’s important that we have the right balance between supporting businesses, maintaining the integrity of the data on our register, and making sure that directors are complying with their legal requirements.”

Due to Covid-19 disruption and other financial pressures, your business operations may have gone on hold. If you still want to remain on the register, you must file your outstanding documents or contact Companies House urgently. For support and advice, please get in touch with our expert team today.