Couple to continue legal battle to extend civil partnerships

A couple have secured permission to continue their fight to open up civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples.

Rebecca Steinfield and Charles Keidan had previously lost their case at the Court of Appeal but will make a fresh bid to have the current arrangements reformed at the Supreme Court.

In its present form, the Civil Partnership Act 2004 only applies to those in a same-sex relationship.

The couple, from West London, argue that such a state of affairs flies in the face of equality legislation.

They argue that not all families are comfortable with the institution of marriage and would prefer to enter into a civil partnership to enjoy the various legal protections it would afford.

Ms Steinfeld said: “We hope the Supreme Court will deliver a judgment that will finally provide access to civil partnerships for thousands of families across the country.”

Thousands of people have signed a petition backing the couple’s stance.

The Government has previously said it would consider a review of civil partnership legislation, but has yet to commit to a timetable.

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