Digital Lasting Power of Attorney service “making it easier” to contact banks and healthcare providers

Individuals with Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) rights will benefit from a new online tool “making it easier” to contact banks and healthcare providers, it has been announced.

Launched this month by the Office of Public Guardian (OPG), the new digital service will help those managing the financial affairs and physical wellbeing of someone who lacks mental capacity.

Under the current system, contacting someone’s bank or healthcare provider through traditional paper-based means can take weeks as letters are sent and received between organisations.

But the regulator says the new online tool will improve the speed with which attorneys can make important financial or wellbeing decisions by providing a secure code recognised by approved organisations.

Commenting on the new system, Nick Goodwin, Public Guardian for England and Wales, said: “More people are taking the important step to plan for the future and apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney, and we want to make sure those they entrust with making vital decisions on their behalf receive the very best possible support.

“Our new digital service will ensure attorneys can make effective and efficient decisions when managing their loved ones’ affairs – without the delays a paper-based service can cause.”

According to the latest figures, LPAs – the legal document which enables you to take control of someone else’s affairs – increased “drastically” in recent years to more than four million.

CLC Partner, Ian West commented: “This is a welcome initiative which will assist attorneys in dealing with affairs of persons they are charged to look after.”

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