Need for translation services in UK courts rapidly on the rise, says study

Recent research has revealed that the total number of completed requests for language interpreters and translation services in UK Court rose significantly throughout 2015.

The study, recently highlighted by Family Law Week, revealed that Polish is the top language for which most requests for interpreter services are made, and that family and civil Courts saw the greatest rise in requests for translation services last year.

The success rate for translation services in 2015 was a staggering 97 per cent – a number which included cases where customers did not attend Court, but excluded requests cancelled by customers at their own will.

19,548 completed requests were recorded in total, in comparison with just 14,597 and 10,116 requests in 2014 and 2013 respectively.

Polish came out on top as the most requested language in UK Courts, with 3,439 requests in total. Urdu came in second with 2,356 requests and Punjabi ranked third with 1,199 requests.

The study highlights the importance of high quality translation and language services in modern UK Courts.

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