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Watchdog calls for official cut-off date for PPI mis-selling claims

2 August 2016

The UK’s financial regulator has announced a proposed cut-off date for claims over the financial mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance …

FCA probe into insurance sector finds evidence of financial mis-selling

26 July 2016

Investigations conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have unveiled evidence of financial mis-selling in the UK’s insurance sector – …

Cohabitation on the up, says ONS

25 July 2016

Marriage continues to decline while the number of cohabiting couples in England and Wales increases, new statistics has shown.

London taxi drivers tackle Uber over workers’ rights

19 July 2016

Two London taxi drivers have taken growing app giant Uber to an Employment Tribunal this week, in a workers’ rights …

Bank of England threatens to shut down commercial trusts

14 July 2016

As the rate of withdrawals spiked after the Brexit vote, the Bank of England (BoE) has warned of the serious …

Court of Appeal to hear long running TUPE dispute over sick leave rights

29 June 2016

The Court of Appeal has granted permission for a long running employment law dispute to be heard, which will rule …

PCP finance schemes could be subject to financial mis-selling probes, warns watchdog

21 June 2016

Personal contract plans (PCPs), a method of finance commonly used for purchasing cars, have come under fire from The National …

Supreme Court to rule whether wheelchairs have priorities over pushchairs on buses

15 June 2016

The highest court in the land is to decide whether able-bodied people with pushchairs should be forced to give way …

Failure to obtain HMO licence sees landlord fined thousands

14 June 2016

A rogue landlord has been fined thousands of pounds after a health inspection revealed that he had failed to obtain …

Unions call for workers to vote to stay in the EU in a bid to protect their rights

8 June 2016

The leaders of Britain’s biggest trade unions have united in a bid to encourage their workers to vote to stay …