Permitted Development Rights Extended to Shops and Agricultural Buildings

As of 6th April 2014 the Government has further extended permitted development rights in England, opening up potential development opportunities to more property owners.

‘Permitted Development Rights’ allow alterations to buildings or changes in the use of land without the need for planning permission. These arise out of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, a piece of legislation which has been heavily amended since it was introduced.

In 2013 the Government introduced various new permitted development rights designed to promote development and growth. These rights have now been supplemented by the most recent amendments to the original 1995 Order, which have come into effect on 6th April 2014. We anticipate that the two most important new permitted development rights for private developers will be:

  1. The change of use of shops to residential use.
  2. The change of use of agricultural buildings to residential use.

Given the current trend in residential values, it could be a good time for landowners to explore the option of making use of these, potentially lucrative, new permitted development rights to unlock new value from their existing assets.

Such rights are limited in scope and may not apply in certain locations so advice should be sought to ascertain if this route is available.

James Norman (Solicitor)
Commercial Property Team

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