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On June 23rd, 2016, the UK took the momentous decision to leave the European Union (EU). The outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership – which came as a surprise to many commentators – has led to significant uncertainty for both businesses and individuals.

The Prime Minister has now confirmed that she is set to trigger Article 50 early next year (2017), a step which will start the two year countdown before the UK formally leaves the institution.

During this period, the Government will have to negotiate the terms of its exit and the nation’s future relationship with the remaining 27 member states. Currently it isn’t clear whether the UK will seek to retain access to the Single Market, although many suspect that ministers are leaning towards a “hard” Brexit.

There is, at present, considerable uncertainty about how the UK’s departure will impact on numerous rules and regulations which are part of daily life.

The Great Repeal Bill currently being prepared is expected to enshrine all existing legislation derived from the EU in UK law, although the Government may choose to exercise the option of abolishing or altering individual laws at a later date.

Many businesses are seeking expert advice on what the effects of Brexit may be for employment law, the intellectual property regime and commercial transactions.

There is similar uncertainty about the status of the three million EU nationals currently living in the UK, with many questions about the future shape of the immigration system still unanswered.

Our partner, Kate Boguslawska, who has considerable experience in advising clients on a variety of company and business matters, is often asked to comment on legal implications of Brexit.

Recently, on 30 September, on invitation of Capital Business Link Ltd, Kate spoke at a British Polish Business Forum in Krakow, a conference on Brexit and its  likely impact on the largest community of EU nationals living in the UK.

If you have any concerns about the implications of Brexit, our experienced team of solicitors is available to provide expert legal advice on the current situation.