Study into racial inequality in the workplace yields worrying findings

A new study examining the issue of racial inequality in the workplace suggests that ethnic minority workers are frequently subjected to racist harassment or bullying at work in the UK.

The University of Manchester’s Race at Work report, which examined data collected by YouGov, suggests that such racism is having a ‘negative impact’ on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of ethnic minority workers.

Dr Stephen Ashe and Professor James Nazroo from The University of Manchester investigated some 24,457 accounts of racial bullying in the workplace, and concluded that racism was effectively damaging such workers’ long-term careers, in terms of future recruitment and opportunities for promotion.

The study, which also quizzed White British employees, also found that non-ethnic minority workers felt that some workplace activities promoting diversity and equality were unfairly providing ethnic minority employees with ‘preferential treatment’.

In a press release, the University of Manchester has said: “There is still much to be done to demonstrate the longstanding nature of racial inequality, how this is reinforced by racism and why Race Relations legislation and associated equality and diversity duties are still necessary”.

The report has inspired researchers from the University to call upon employers across the UK to enforce a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to racism in the workplace.

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