Two in five leave “in-memory” donation to charity in Will

Two in five people leave part of their estate to a charity in memory of a partner, parent or friend, a study has revealed.

Published by will and probate analysts Legacy Foresight, the research also shows that people are three times more likely to give to charity via an in-memory legacy than donate via direct debit.

The nationwide survey asked 4,000 adults if they plan to leave a Will and who they will leave their legacy too. According to the report, 40 per cent of participants have “at least one in-memory” gift in their will to show their respects for partners, parents and in-laws. In-memory donors also pledge higher amounts, with average donations two-thirds higher than those left by regular donors.

Donors who give an in-memory donation in life, meanwhile, are more likely to leave a legacy gift to charity in their Will.

Commenting on the findings, Legacy Foresight said there is a “strong connection between in-memory donations and legacy giving”.

“We know that an in-memory motivated gift can bring significant benefits, both to a donor and the charity, including focus and a therapeutic outlet for grief; a new reason to get in touch and the inspiration for continued engagement,” said Sue Pedley, head of donor research.

“But there is now hard evidence to show that an in-memory relationship with a charity may also lay the foundation for a legacy gift.”

She added: “This research proves how important remembrance is as a motivation for legacy giving. We hope that this evidence will help make the case for greater, more thoughtful investment in in-memory fundraising throughout the sector.”

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