Drones and autonomous technology

Drones and autonomous technology

Carter Lemon Camerons LLP has considerable expertise in the emerging and rapidly-developing regulations concerning drones and autonomous technology.

Drones and autonomous technology are set to be amongst the defining innovations of the decade, but they bring with them their own particular challenges.

Our experienced solicitors, who are established specialists in matters relating to private runways, are able to answer any queries you may have about your legal responsibilities.

Typical work includes:

  • Property
  • Data protection
  • Licencing
  • Privacy
  • Trespass

Carter Lemon Camerons Partners, Rufus Ballaster and Andrew Firman, have co-written A Practical Guide to Drone Law with consultant to the firm, Eleanor Clot. Further information is available here.

An analysis of the current state of drone regulations in the UK by Carter Lemon Camerons LLP Partner, Rufus Ballaster, can be viewed here.

Rufus Ballaster has also been featured in Lawyer Monthly discussing the development of drone regulations here.

The Today Programme on BBC Radio Four on 15 March 2017 asked whether we are ready are ready for driverless cars. You can listen to the piece by clicking here and scrolling to 1hr 40mins in.

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