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Do you need to work with other GP practices to maintain earnings and win new contracts?   Can you reach agreement with your neighbours to form a federation?

Having taken GPs through the ‘forming, storming and norming’ to create federations, we are pleased to see the structures facilitate the performing of the organisations.

Questions we assist with answering include:

  • Who will own the company?
  • Should it be a social enterprise or not for profit company?
  • Who will have voting rights?
  • Who will receive dividends and how are they allocated?
  • Who will run the company day to day?

One size does not fit all. Andrew Firman, who heads our healthcare team and advises on new models of healthcare, knows the Government is seeking local solutions to meet the needs of the local area.  Likewise with federations, each one has its own vision as to what it wants to achieve, and its own culture, which we will work with to find your ideal solution.

Talk to us to form your company and write your Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreement, Corporate Governance handbook to meet your objectives and address your fears.

Recent Cases

Advising on the incorporation of a company limited by shares for a federation of 44 practices including drafting the articles of association and an ownership structure based on the number of patients of each practice

Advising a group of eight practices on changing the constitution of their social enterprise company so that it is owned by the partners of the practices and has a robust methodology of appointing directors

Drafting a corporate governance and code of conduct document for the Board of a federation to follow in the conduct of the Board and committees

Restructuring a group of companies owned by GP practices so that they work coherently together and provide rewards for the owning practices derived from the success of the organisations

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