GP Partnership Agreements and Staff

GP Healthcare

GPs are special and individual, which means your partnership deed should fit your practice. The Carter Lemon Camerons healthcare team drafts and advises on partnership agreements to establish a clear understanding between GP partners of their mutual obligations and to act as a point of reference in the event of disagreements.  We believe in using plain English so that our documents may be read and understood by you.

Unfortunately GP partners do have disagreements and we will work with you and others, such as the LMC and our dispute resolution team, to resolve those issues or, ultimately, to advise and steer you through the process of disentangling partners from the partnership, to enable you all to move on.

The healthcare team has expertise in advising on employment issues concerning NHS employees, salaried GPs and staff. We help you through the process of redundancies and dismissals to minimise the risk of a claim for unfair dismissal after the redundancy or dismissal. Unique rules apply to NHS and GP employees, so that is why we have lawyers who have the relevant experience to advise you.

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